Wednesday, April 7, 2010

But before we get psyched about Comicon, here is a loose end that must be tied up.

Hey, Spewey* I think I heard somebody drop off a package in the porch. Would you be a deer of an Oviraptor and retrieve it please?
* - Yes, Spewey. Seemed apropos for an animal fingered for eating some other animal's eggs (it's a damn shame Oviraptor eggs look just like Protoceratops eggs. Except that they have little Oviraptors inside.) In case you don't get the reference, read this.

(Angry clucking...)



(Series of elaborate clucks and tailfeather-shaking that roughly translates to "Hell and Yes.")
Sketch O'Dedae! Yes, the team has changed a bit since I made this, but I'm going to paint an update when I'm finished with the story:
Soul Silver Team (as of 3.22.2010)


Zach said...

Hey, I started with Totodile, too.

Trish, when you get your team up to a respectable level, we should totally battle.

Is that...Charmander?

Trish said...

Actually, Dr. Marvin is a Magby. Had a hard time figuring out how to do a "realistic" one.

I'm thinking of opening myself up to battles after storming Kanto. I'm about halfway through the Johto story so it's hard to say.

Anonymous said...

nice style. do you take sketch requests?

Trish said...

^ I usually don't publish Anonymous comments, but this one needs a reaction. The answer is, sure. But please contact me through Flickr or DeviantArt (links to the side under "My Other Websites".)

Anonymous said...

Oh. I have no flickr (neither deviantart) account... Can i tell you my request here? It's very simple one.

Trish said...

Send me an email at Babbletrish(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll see what I can do.