Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"The Muppets at Walt Disney World"?!?

You may have seen recent commercials for Disney's "Give a Day, Get a Day" promotion featuring the Muppets. You may have suspected that there is an interesting story there.

Boy howdy, is there ever an interesting story. It is the tale of a corporate merger gone sour, of a genius who passed away suddenly before his time, and -uh- a guy with a bucket stuck on his head.

I am not going to tell that story. It's too sad. But it does help to explain why different Muppet DVDs feel like they are each put out by about five different studios.

Instead, here's the special. I like how they edit it so that it looks like Star Tours, Big Thunder Mountain, and Body Wars are all within walking distance. Other highlights include Jim Henson and Wayne Allwine doing the voices of Kermit and Mickey, a Sprocket cameo, and a very, very young Raven-Symone singing to Kermit. Man, if only they knew, back then, that Mickey would some day be their boss again.

Sketch Finished Piece of the Day!
I painted this pretty dragon:
175. Cuélebre

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