Monday, January 11, 2010

Still working off that holiday hangover. Let's start the year with Don Bluth's "Jawbreaker"

On today's episode of Stuff That Demands Elaboration:
While hunting around for "Banjo the Woodpile Cat" clips, I came upon this piece (embedding wasn't allowed; it's definitely and almost aggressively weird in a distinctly Don Bluthy way, but it's also safe for work and for kids):
Don Bluth's "Jawbreaker"

I need to know more about this right freakin' now. Anyone out there have any idea what the story is behind this? Bluth himself posted the video and he was pretty cryptic in his description. I got a definite "Rock and Rule" / good parts of "The Pagemaster" feel from it.
The animation world lost a very unique person this past weekend. Art Clokey, best known for "Gumby" and "Davey and Goliath", will be sorely missed. Here is "Gumbasia", the short film that helped him sell the "Gumby" concept to television producers. Enjoy the three and a half minutes of pure 😵:


As I said last week, it is technically still Christmastime (according to some calendars; see Wikipedia). That means it's not too late to enjoy the South Fla. Sun-Sentinel's annual Bad Santa Photo gallery. They're up to 350 snapshots of little kids having their minimal but still pretty reliable understanding of reality ripped out from under them. Now there's gotta be something like this for costumed characters at Disney World, ect. 


One of my New Year's Resolutions is to (a) try to fill one Sketchbook page per day and (b) share more of my own art, good bad and indifferent, on this blog. To that end, here is the first Sketch of the Day Whatever Length of Time! This one actually is a scan of an entire Sketchbook page, so click for the larger version:
 1.2.10 Sketchbook page 
Now while I am adding a background color for clarity, these sketches are as-scanned and pretty much exactly how they look on the page, warts and coffee stains and all. I'll still be sharing more polished pieces, but I like giving a little insight into the smudgy, brain-farty part of the creative process. Not sure what kind of insight this particular sketch gives but...

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