Friday, January 1, 2010

My (slightly sarcastic) 2000's Time Capsule!

This is my version of the Obligatory End-Of-The-Decade List, mostly cobbled together from a semi-yearly version I posted at LaGremlin Land.
Here is a no-particular-order list of things I would put in a time capsule to represent the lovely decade that has just ended. I am sure the people of the future will understand the significance of each and every one of these items without question, as they will have passed into history:

* - A sun-shaped nipple ring
* - "Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water" CD
* - An "Edward can BUST my headboard, BITE my pillows, and BRUISE my body any day!" t-shirt
* - A magnetic yellow ribbon
* - "Some Kind of Monster" DVD
* - A bottle of Bling2O
* - A "Free Katie" t-shirt
* - A TMX Elmo doll
* - Spenser and Heidi's How to be Famous
* - A Snuggie for dogs
* - "Hung for Christmas" CD
* -
The O'Reilly Factor: For Kids!
* - A "Vote or DIE!" t-shirt
* - A huge "Mission Accomplished" banner
* - A pair of Crocs
* - The MySpace servers
* - A bottle of Pimp Juice
* - An Anduril letter opener
* - "The Swan" DVD
* - The Kazakhstan Tourism brochure
* - Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
* - The Mtv All-Stars "What's Goin' On (2001)" music video
* - "Crazy Frog" CD
* -
Of Pandas and People
* - "Bratz Babies" DVD
* - The International Astronomical Union definition of the word "Planet"
* - Green "Shrek" ketchup
* -
Going Rogue
* - "Chinese Democracy" CD

What would you add to this time capsule?


Before you answer that, read this excellent Total Media Bridge essay about "A Charlie Brown Christmas" (It's still timely. In the olden days, Christmas hype started immediately before Christmas Eve and lasted for several weeks after Christmas Day until Epiphany/Three Kings Day [there's the real significance of "The Twelve Days of Christmas"], instead of starting as early as August, leaving you burnt out by Thanksgiving, and leaving you with a deep disillusioned "now what" feeling that doesn't get resolved until New Years if even then.) I could not have written this better myself.
OK, real updates will start the second full week of January.

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Zach said...

Good list. I don't know if I'd add anything, but here's a random comment:

Nipple rings: WHY?!?