Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Boston Comicon fallout: In which I meet awesome people and get some swag

First off, something silly that me and Michele Witchipoo and George Burnett drew together. It came out of us making fun of romance comics from the fifties at the CAG table during a slow point in the convention. I love when different styles collide.
Mind you, I don't let other people draw in my Sketchbook lightly. Comicons are where I make the exception, especially when it turns out that your next-table neighbor inks Dr. McNinja.

OMG Kent Archer is drawing Yoshi in my Sketchbook!!!
I'm usually a little nervous about asking people to sign my Sketchbook, even though most artists are totally cool about it. It's more because I am afraid of acting like a crazy fangirl.
Anyway, Kent was very nice. If you are unfamiliar with Dr. McNinja, I highly recommend it. If you for some reason do not want to read about the adventures of the only physician in a long line of legendary Irish Ninjas whose office is in the middle of a haunted forest and whose secretary is a gorilla AND who -in just one such adventure- stumbled upon a conspiracy involving Ronald McDonald, MySpace, and a man whose incredible abdominal muscles have somehow transformed into a built-in jetpack, than what in the world DO you want?!?
Now, as I mentioned in part one, I didn't get to walk around and meet people until almost the last minute. The line to meet Tim Sale was almost out the door by then (which is probably for the best as I wouldn't have been able to not say anything about the "Heroes" writers' inability to resolve plot points), and I somehow missed Geof Darrow twice. And apparently Walt Simonson visited the CAG after-party minutes after I had to leave.
However, I did get to meet Tak Toyoshima, who not only writes "Secret Asian Man" but is also the art director for The Weekly Dig. And I had another "wait, I swear we met each other at UMass years ago" conversation with Craig Rousseau.
But what really blew me away was the fact that people wanted me to draw in THEIR Sketchbooks, to which my initial reaction was, 😳. But then...

Well, why not? New fans are new fans, right? Anyway, if I'd said, "no", that'd kill what little reputation I have.
Now, there fortunately weren't that many crazy things that happened at this convention, but one thing struck me as very strange: There were at least as many babies at the con as there were people dressed as Boba Fett. They ranged in age from just-able-to-walk to what can only be described as JUST-recently-arrived-in-this-world. As with Disney World or R-rated movies, I guess I can understand bringing a baby to Comicon IF and only if this is the ONE and ONLY TIME EVER FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE you'll be able to go and EVERY BABYSITTER IN THE CITY was busy.
I just set myself up for some very angry comments from parents. Oh well. Let me show you my swag!

Here's a small fraction of the most interesting free stuff I picked up. "After Watchmen" is a little strange, but it did give me a good list of books to look for (I am very happy to see that my local library has expanded it's graphic novel collection quite a bit; see below). The Spring edition of BCC will be in a larger building by the waterfront, and I can't wait. The Boston Comics Roundtable is way over in Harvard Square, but I may have to give them a visit some time as they sound like fun. I had donated three prints to the Sci-Fi Saturday Night show and it's likely they'll be the reward for one of their upcoming trivia contests. The Harry Potter exhibit at the Museum of Science... man, I don't know. I missed the "Star Wars" and Lord of the Rings exhibits, and... yeah.

Now, sadly, I did not purchase a single older comic book at the Convention. I did, however, support lesser-known artists. At left are some of the books put out by the Boston Comics Roundtable. Aya Rothwell's work is lovely. I obviously had to get a hard copy of Dr. McNinja. In the lower-left are the books produced by my CAG table-mates Mark Anderson and Michele Witchipoo. And in the upper-left is a recycled autumny Sketchbook that was too cute to leave.

I picked these up at the library.  So even though I am currently exhausted and have a splitting headache and *still* have stuff to sort through and need to replenish my supply of promotional cards, I had a wonderful wonderful time. Oh, why can't every day be like Boston Comicon?

Tricia's Common Sense pipes up and answers, "Because although that sounds really wonderful and a lot of fun in theory, it would probably work out just as well as Christmas every day in all those stories where kids wish that it could be Christmas every day."

Ah. Good point. And at this age, I honestly think it would be nicer if every other Thursday was Arbor Day. 

Now that I'm totally off-topic, how about some Comicon drawings? As always, click to see the originals and more of these:
10.24.09 - BCC Bunnysketch 1 10.24.09 - BCC Sketchdramon 2 282. Unicornea, the Unicyclops 134. Scarlet
At the Realm of Madness, I am starting a series of Movies the (James Cameron) "Avatar" Trailer Reminded People Of, starting with "Final Fantasy: the Spirits Within".

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