Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Open Thread: Help me come up with a good answer for the dread question, "Are you drawing?!"

You know the feeling. You are at the Mall, doing gesture studies of the shoppers. Or you are at the zoo, drawing a sensitive portrait of a ruffed lemur. Or, perhaps, you are at the L.L. Cool Beanz flagship store, of all places, where you have found the following astonishing incongruity:

And you, being you (by which I mean being me... this is going to get really confusing really fast), immediately sit down and start sketching. It doesn't take you long to get into The Zone. You're in your element. This is what it's all about: you, your trusty pencil, your beloved Sketchbook, and a subject that is totally awesome. Nothing can distract you as you build up your drawing...
And then, inevitably, somebody will notice you. And they may even come over to look over your shoulder and watch you draw. And aside from being really awkward, you're so into what you're drawing that it probably won't bother you -- except that it's usually an adult who wants to watch you draw (things would be different if it was just a kid, especially one of the "I do not yet understand the concept of 'personal space'" age range.)
And then comes The Question. You know the one.
"Are you DRAWING???"
What I ask of you this week, dear readers, is to give me a good answer to this question. At least one better than,
"Uh... (looks flabbergasted) well, yeah. Duh."

In happier news, "Fraggle Rock Season 4/5" is available for pre-order at Amazon! Also, as a fan of both "Avatar" and Tardigrades, how is it that I never noticed this? It's uncanny! What does this mean for the CatBus?

water bear totally looks like appa
see more Look-A-Likes
Oh, and speaking of "Avatar," here is everything I will ever have to say about live-action remakes of animated films/series conveniently summed up by one picture:

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