Friday, July 31, 2009

"Love is Allllll!!! / Love is AAA-AA-AAALL!!! / At the Butterfly Ball!!!"

Speaking of "Rupert and the Frog Song" got me thinking about another psychedelic staple of my childhood. They used to show this music video as filler almost daily in those wonderful, crazy early days of Nickelodeon. Now I was of course wholly unaware that this was part of a concert film (!) based upon a concept album (!!) based upon a picture book (!!!). That is like a perfect storm of awesome. I am Netflixing the hell out of the concert DVD.


OK, I am "Saved Queue"-ing the hell out of the concert DVD because they do not yet have it. (I always wonder why they bother listing things when that happens.) Oh well.
Enjoy the very 70's mind-screwyness:

I watched this for the first time in a
long time at like two in the morning and amazingly, I didn't start freaking out until around the 1:42 mark. O.o
I love, love, love how those three salamanders are totally nonchalant about the Dio-Frog transforming into a hydra-plant-thing.

Comic and illustration loving residents of the Westford, MA area: this weekend you have the good fortune of being able to attend something called Larry's Pop Culture Extravaganza. And if you live in Westford and can somehow have no desire to attend something called Larry's Pop Culture Extravaganza, I do not understand you at all.

Note that for now, I'll be adopting a twice-weekly post schedule. I need to concentrate on saving things from Geocities. At least now, I have a deadline: the last weekend before Halloween (October 26, for those who need a real date). Anyway, check for "new" (meaning post-dated and thus hilariously a few days behind on the news) posts on Tuesday and Thursday for a while.

I can't wait to cry hysterically like a little sissy again during "Jessie's Song" --- but IN THREE-EFFIN'-D this time!!!

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