Friday, July 10, 2009

I can walk like a penguin in 3-effin'-D!

6.9.09 - New England Aquarium Seadragon in Glorious Extra-color!

As always, click for big and for more drawings from the Aquarium.
I went to the New England Aquarium with my aunt and cousin who were both suffering a mean case of Bermuda withdrawal. The sketches I did pretty much speak for themselves, so do look at them please. We had a fantastic time.
Although I would like to talk about the Simon's IMAX 3-Effin'-D Theatre, since I'd never experienced the fury of a three-effin'-d (it will never stop being funny) IMAX film before.
It was... different.
The film we saw was something called "Under the Sea 3D", in which you look at beautiful footage of the Coral Triangle as Jim Carrey explains what's going on. (This is one of those documentaries that suffers from too much narration. So you start wondering if whomever was in charge of the narration hired Jim Carrey and asked him, early on, "Dude, could you tone it down a little?") It's nice. It also probably would have been just as entertaining as a conventional IMAX movie.
Now, the 3D glasses were comfortable on me, so that wasn't a problem (I've seen enough people complain about this that it felt worth mentioning). And the 3D itself wasn't too much of a distraction either -- not for the first half-hour anyway, but more on that later. It felt, oddly, like looking through a really big window. I'm used to 3D films where the fish and the sea serpents and the seals and all the little squid would appear to be floating out into the theater. Here it looked like all the animals were just about to break the fourth wall, but ultimately did not.
Then my eyes started to adjust to the effects and everything looked foggy and out of focus. It's a good thing this movie was only about forty-five minutes long, but it made me wary of seeing a full-length feature in this format.
For more on this, listen to this Onion AV Club podcast.
It's worth noting that, with me sketching everyone that caught my eye, we managed to see closing time. I have a talent for that.

(Man, it's funny to write about something you did a month ago. Am I up to date? I think I may finally be up to date! Woo! Did you know X-Entertainment has finally picked up the Advent Calender thread?)

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