Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yahoo to shut down Geocities "Later this year".

I got a nice email after asking exactly what "later this year" means when I got the news yesterday. "Later this year" means sometime in December. Probably.

If you've been paying attention to the Internet like I have for the past ten years or so, you know that this is going to be huge. Most of the Geocities sites that are still around are the first websites their respective owners made fresh out of high school or college and -in general- forgot about. A good quarter of the most useful websites I know as far as looking up the names of things I'm selling on Ebay and such are going to vanish completely simply because their owners stopped paying attention to them.

Unless you're me and you keep updating your cheap-as-free Geocities site. Then you got the news and a serious pain in the butt to contemplate. LaGremlin's site is... yeah. Given that I haven't updated it in more than a year, I think the wiser thing to do would be to simply move its worthwhile features here. So you'll get to read the Disney Animated Canon here over the summer.

On the other hand, I believe Nessie's site is worth saving (maybe not in its entirety, but I don't want to let it just die either). I like writing those reviews and I think it may be time for the Realm to be a Real Website. I just need to find an inexpensive host. Now I have a project for the summer. Yay.

In case you're wondering, yes, Ive got two very different online personas for two Very Different online communities. It made sense when I joined them ten years ago.

Enjoy the crazy Internet wilderness of sites like Quacker County while you still can!

"Lost" season finale tonight! (I love, love, love their fifth prediction.)

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