Monday, May 11, 2009

Quick thoughts on the rumor that the "Roger Rabbit" sequel may, after twenty gorram years, finally be happening.

The extremely vague news, in case you missed it (Mtv, sadly, as I couldn't find a better announcement.) My quick thoughts are:

1) WANT.

2) But it will be a complete and utter waste of everyone's time unless Richard Williams is involved.
At the very least, the very very least, hand-drawn animation. Please. That is all.
Seriously, I'm going to come right on out and flirt with controversy here: "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" is the greatest live action/animated film ever made. EVER. It blew my mind in a way "Mary Poppins" never did and it completely obliterated my preconceptions of what animation could do and what animation could be. Repeating what I'd posted earlier: we're living in a time when we're bored with neat, clean, photorealistic "whatever you want boom it's onscreen!" CGI. Now, as I said before, I like CGI. But I liked it one hell of a lot better when it used to be something really special. (Of course, that's probably because even something simple took a s**tload of time to do back in the day.)
"Roger Rabbit" has not only held up but still kicks the ass of any modern "effects movie" (how I hate that term) you throw at it.
And it's one of the movies that made me want to be an animator.
I could go on and on but, really, hand-drawn animation. K Thnx.

3) Of course, much like "Chinese Democracy" and the "Watchmen" film adaptation, I'll believe it when I see it.
On that note, a moment of silence for "Duke Nukem Forever".

In other news, I swapped in some different Pokemon...
5.2.09 - Let me show you my Pokemon again!

ADDENDUM: With regards to Mr. Austin's comment below. (I'd normally add a new comment of my own, but I need to provide some links.)
I apologize for not being a little more clear about all this. I was excited.
There have been rumors of a "Roger Rabbit" sequel since the first film was released, and a script for something called "The Toon Platoon" has been floating around the internet for years. More information can be read in this excellent Film Buff Online article. Film Buff also got a chance to review the "Toon Platoon" script.
Point is, this isn't your usual cash-in sequel, nor does it follow the more recent trend of, "LOL, let's recycle something from the 80s!" The "Roger Rabbit" follow-up has absolutely been the animation fan's "Chinese Democracy".
Actually, we really need a new analogy for this kind of situation. Because "Chinese Democracy"... um... yeah...


Mr. Austin said...

I don't know why they feel they HAVE to make another one. Wasn't one perfect it its own way?

Zachary said...

I'd love to see a real sequel to Roger Rabbit. I fear that they'll go all "Rocky & Bullwinkle" on it.

A note about your Pokemon team. Don't waste space with Pachirisu--go for Shinx instead. It's evolutionary lineage (Luxio, Luxray) is perhaps the only decent Electric-type in the game. Cherim is kind of "meh." There's a definate lack of good Grass types in Pearl/Diamond/Platinum. I'd recommend Torterra if you've got 'im, and Roserade may be the next best thing.

Me? I still need to find the item that turns Giratina into its alternate form. THEN I'm done. Sweartogod.

Trish said...

^ Don't worry, Cherim and Pachirisu were my temporary members. (I'd already played with a Shinx and a Roselia in Diamond and... yeah.) You'll see their replacements later.