Friday, May 15, 2009

The Maine Comic Arts festival is this weekend

Official website.

This is rather different from the usual comic book convention. There won't be any dealers to browse or publishers to throw your postcards at. It's more of an opportunity to meet professional comic artists and illustrators, local and otherwise, and listen to them discuss the field. If you're in the Portland area, you should go. I probably will be in the Portland area this weekend and... I don't know if I can squeeze it in... (Trust me, this will make more sense later.)

I also have more Pokemon to show you:

5.7.09 - Let me Continue to Show You My Pokemon

Not only do I have to figure out how to draw Rotom in this "realistic" style, I've also added a Gardevoir to my team (very nice if you hate Zubats and Tentacools.)
So... What do you think happened at the end of "Lost"?

Addendum: Regarding the question about Rotom's super-awesome alternate forms below.
You need an item called the Secret Key. Nintendo was nice enough to give this over their wireless service (meaning you didn't have to search in vain for a nearby Toys R Us) using the Mystery Gift option. Unfortunately, it was only available for a limited time. More information can be read about it here. There's still some hope; Nintendo ran the event twice, during different times of the year, after "Platinum" was released in Japan. Perhaps they'll give the North American traders another chance too?

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Zachary said...

It's on my DVR! Haven't watched it yet! SHUT UP SHUT UP!

Is that Sneasel? Sneasel is pretty awesome, honestly, and once its learned all the moves you want it learn, Weavile is even better. How do you get the multiple forms of Rotim? Do they even count in the Pokedex?