Friday, May 1, 2009

I am near the beginning of "Pokemon Platinum". Because I am a dweeb.

Let me show you my team for the first boss battle in the game (Roark's Rock Gym). Click for big:

4.29.09 - Let me show you my Pokemon!
I've since swapped in some different creatures and I'm currently exploiting that poor chick with the Pink Nightmare to level grind in Eternia ("Where's He-Man? LOL!") Forest. I'll draw the new team once my Magikarp reaches Level 20 and ceases to fail at life.

This is old, and it took about five minutes to draw, but it's cute:

Fun in the Backyard! - Chapter the Fourteenth

You know, I'm tempted to redraw this in spite of it's popularity.

Or because of it. It's not good when one of the most popular items in my online portfolio is also one of the sloppiest. Carson's expression was an epic win in the line art in the third panel but with the marker it just looks like a big blur.

I'd keep the original up, of course. I'm just wondering how people would react.

On a completely unrelated note, I laughed way too hard at this.

Next week: A big damn three-part review of Dougal Dixon's The New Dinosaurs! You know, like I promised way, way back in January.

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Zach said...

My 3rd Tier Pearl team, which I transferred over to Platinum to breeze through the later parts of the game, include Typhlosion, Feraligatr, Meganium (for Agatha's Water/Ground types), Tyranitar, Electivire, and Salamance.

They're all around Lv. 60 now. Haven't touched the game since beating the Elite Four. Like I said before, I burned out after 6 months of Pearl.