Thursday, March 12, 2009

Now, we are 31.

That so? Well, I refuse to stop drawing stuff like this:
2.20 - Unlikely, but AWESOME, Triceratops doodle

You're a natural born skeptic, always questioning the world in your search for empirical truth, rejecting along the way pseudoscience, psychobabble, and any other nonsense—like all Pisces.


Normal Boringscope (care of, whom you can trust because they think it's last October): Try to help a friend in need today -- even if you don't really know what they need. Your intuitions are probably just as good as their explicit requests and it's really the gesture that counts.
Emphasis mine. And to it I say, wha?
Feederwatch Thursday!Incidentally, it turns out that Project Feederwatch ends the first weekend in April. I stocked up on more feed this week and tried to get a disproportionately high ratio of sunflower seed in there. So far the House Sparrows have not reacted well -- but everyone else has. Also, the Cardinals, Chickadees, Mourning Doves, and Nuthatches are starting to pair off. Awww. I think there's a Goldfinch pair as well; I saw them doing something I thought was kind of unusual, picking the buds off high in the canopy of the elm. It's a little hard to tell this kind of year.

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