Friday, February 27, 2009

Unexpected Opportunities.

This helps to illustrate the advantage of being able to schedule when your posts are to be published. While Monday's post was going live, I was waking up sick as a dog, and while Wednesday's post was appearing here, I was getting an x-ray of my torso.
Here's your title significance: Me being the kind of person I am, I naturally asked for a copy of the images. To draw from. Of course.
Now of course I don't want anyone out there to have to get an x-ray; I'm just saying that if you happen to be an artist who's about to get intense about anatomical studies, and if such an opportunity pops up for you, don't be afraid to ask. (Worst case scenario, the radiologists will probably assume it's only the lack of eating talking.) They were nice enough to give me a CD and I have already done a really cool quick sketch based on one of the images of my lower torso.
I'm debating whether to upload it to Flickr. I think it's awesome, and it isn't graphic or anything; not everyone might agree. I can also see where it might be a little too personal (after all, it'd literally be my guts up onscreen for all to see.) I probably will end up not posting it anywhere, but until I decide for sure, have some pretty Unicorns (click for big):

2.24 - Golden Triumvirate drawing

Did anyone else catch "Secrets of the Furious Five" last night? I did, thanks to... channel surfing and finding out that it was on. I can now say that there is a direct-to-DVD animated sequel that I actually like better than the original film. (I'm not too proud to say that Tigress' story made my eyes rain.)
Feederwatch Friday
Eh... not much that I was able to notice, I'm afraid. The storm this weekend might bring more customers.

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