Friday, January 30, 2009

Why the hell is TV Tropes such a Time Sink?

The world may never know. I should try quitting cold turkey, but it seems as though I always have That One Website that demands to be "checked" (for hours?) each day. If anything, this blog ought to be that one website.
How about this: unless TV Tropes starts paying it's most frequent editors for what we do, don't bother.
Been a while since I showed you some Art on this Art Blog, hasn't it?

118. Rhuagh
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Rhuagh was not a Time Sink. I'd actually be very happy if he was.
I have a plan to start *really* drawing again. Hopefully, I'll be getting something fun in the mail soon...
Speaking of mail, I have the last two "Justice League" DVDs. You ever like a series so much, you didn't want it to end?

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