Commissions, Comments, and Contact Information

The F.A.Q.!

Q - "Can I use your artwork?"

A - If you'd like to use my art, please ask me first. Chances are excellent that I will allow it, for a small fee, but please, please, please ask first!

Q - "Do you take Commissions?"

A - I am always open to commissions! I love drawing things for money! If you'd like to commission an original illustration, send me an email (see immediately below) so that we can discuss it further.

Q - "How can I contact you about using your art or commissioning a piece?"

A - Please email me with the subject heading "Illustration Request" (so that I will notice it right away) at Babbletrish(at)gmail(dot)com and let me know specifically what you want so we can negotiate. Please do not use my email for anything other than this.  Serious inquiries only, please.

Q - "OK, then how do I contact you about your blog/point out errors/tell you I love your art?"

A - The very best way to contact me about the blog, especially specific blog posts, is simply to write a comment in the provided form. Moderation is on, so I won't miss anything you post. With regards to comments, please keep them civil and interesting. If you spot a factual error, it is okay to point it out but don't be a jerk about it. Come to mention it, don't be a jerk, period; needlessly rude comments and spam will not be published.

Q - "Where can I get 'Awesome Overload' on a shirt?"

A - Buying merch is absolutely the best way to support this blog and my work, so head on over to my Designed by Humans store.  Note that website is not under my control, so any problems must be worked out with them.  Occasionally, I may sell original art and other items on eBay. Such auctions will be announced on the blog.