Saturday, August 26, 2017

Smaugust Week Four!

So... I needed to draw something cute with dragons after the latest "Game of Thrones". So here's Axew dancing to her favorite song. (It is, of course, Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk".)

8.20 - Dancing Axew

And speaking of "Game of Thrones", have some massive spoilers (and a "Die Hard" quote.)

8.21 - Merry Christmas from the Night King

If you like cats and dragons, let me introduce you to the strange Alpine mythical beast, the Tatzelwurm:

8.22 - The Tatzelwurm

A little dragon with a fabulous array of headgear:

8.23 - Lovely Horns

The Folklore Thursday theme was Fairies, so here's a Pyrallis. These tiny Fairy-Dragons from Cyprus are attracted to light (indeed, they're said to live inside forges) and are so small, they look like dancing sparks.

8.24 - Pyrallis

A friend on Facebook asked me to draw Falcor from memory, so here he is:

8.25 - "I'm a Luck Dragon!"

And finally, here's an Oroboros who has just watched this and is just so happy to be trendy again.

8.26 - Oroboros

Five more days of dragons left!

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