Thursday, January 19, 2017

In Which I've Been Trying to Make Janphibianuary a Thing

Well, we had MerMay and JuneFae and either AnJuly or JuLycanthrope.  We had Draw DiNovember and DecemBird and March Mammal Madness is coming up.  So why not dedicate a month to drawing frogs, toads, salamanders, newts, and caecilians?

It... does not appear to be catching on.  Well, here's everything I've drawn so far:

1.1.17 - Janphibianuary!

1.2.17 - Janphibianuary

1.3.16 - Janphibianuary

1.4.16 - Janphibianuary

1.5 and 6.16 - Janphibianuary

1.7.16 - Janphibianuary

1.15.16 Janphibianuary Makeup!

(It says something when even the person trying to make a monthly art challenge a thing has to do a make-up day. Twice.)

1.17.16 - Janphibianuary

1.18.16 Janphibianuary

And while it's not in chronological order, I'm saving this Kermit portrait for last because I'm very proud of it. It's about the only time I got overpriced art markers to cooperate.

1.16.16 - Janphibianuary

Maybe I'll have more luck making FebruarFish a Thing?

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