Saturday, February 13, 2016

I'm a Guest on "Deep in Bear Country"!

Earlier this week, I went down to Bear Country to talk about the insane Berenstain Bears mini-storybook "The Berenstain Bears and Too Many Dinosaurs the Dinosaurs" with Phil Gonzales and fellow special guest Talcott Starr.  That episode is up now, so enjoy my deep and ridiculous voice discussing dinosaur-themed entertainment in the pre-"Jurassic Park" era, Mama Bear looking ready to eviscerate everyone, and whether the Bear youngsters can ever enjoy fun things (SPOILERS: probably not).


Andrew Raymond Stück said...

The seemingly anti-dinosaur message of that book is especially bizarre considering the entire line of dinosaurs-and-other-prehistoric-beasts books the Berenstains produced later on (though their son seems to have been more heavily involved in those). I had a general dinosaur book called The Day of the Dinosaur:

As well as one on Stegosaurus in particular:

I've since discovered a frankly wonderful book they produced on prehistoric mammals, which manages to make these creatures about as accessible to kids as dinosaurs (which I consider to be the main hang-up in terms of their lesser popularity).

Several of the more popular dinosaurs seem to have gotten their own individual books. I remember Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs reviewed Sexy Rexy's volume.

Albertonykus said...

Great podcast! Very enjoyable.