Monday, November 30, 2015

Drawg Dognovembark!

Oh if only the dog show happened not on Thanksgiving day but a couple months earlier. We could totally make Synapsidtember a thing.

Seriously though. Enjoy these dog show dogs. (Suggested accompaniment.)

 photo 11.27.1_zpsq7jfupsx.jpg
 photo 11.27.3_zpsog3qk9ck.jpg
 photo 11.27.2_zpsomgcf5zb.jpg
 photo 11.27.4_zps3mirmgng.jpg
 photo 11.27.6_zps5isnbuqn.jpg
 photo 11.27.5_zpsibozho0f.jpg
 photo 11.27.7_zpst2mrrg15.jpg

Bonus doggies from the "All-Star Dog Rescue Celebration". Click that link to find out how to help.

 photo 11.27.8_zpsc9uf5vyp.jpg

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