Wednesday, December 17, 2014

In Which I Feel The Readers Are Due An Apology


Clearly, at this point, Ghibli-thon has turned out to be a bust.  I will eventually write something.  It will probably not be as elaborate as originally planned because, and it's time to admit it, I honestly do not know what I can bring to the table regarding these movies that's entirely new; I feel like it's going to be me gushing "OMG so awesome!" over and over. 

Moving on, what of Christmas?  It'd be wrong not to have anything for Christmas here on the blog!  So this year, somewhat inspired by this pair of features at ToughPigs, I am going to be filling in the gaps in my Muppet Christmas special knowledge.  There are five major specials I've never seen and all accounts suggest I should tackle them in reverse-chronological order so as not to be depressed.  The most upsetting of them ("A Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie") is only available On-Demand for not-free, so I might go ahead and skip it.  See you then!


Sketch of the Day!

Then there was that time Sue the T. rex used one of my drawings as her profile picture for a few days.

11.4.14 - Sue's Campaign

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