Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Let's Watch "Dinosaurs: Fun, Fact, and Fantasy"!

You know, I was all set to review "Dinotasia".  But right after I watched that, I watched an older dinosaur show that had been lying around on my YouTube "Watch Later" queue, and I found it much more interesting and worthy of discussion.

Tangent time for the curious: "Dinotasia" is a very strange edit of the animated sequences in "Dinosaur Revolution".  So if you've seen that already, it's not even worth your time.  Unless you love the melodious sound of Werner Herzog's voice, in which case you should watch "Cave of Forgotten Dreams" instead and become humbled as f*** as an artist.  The only thing different for me was I really noticed how frequently questionable the animation was this time.  Someday, dinosaur documentary animators will learn that CGI dinosaurs on a real live background for an entire film never look entirely right, and also that they are going about integument all wrong.  Until then... ouch.

Anyway, I called this show interesting, but really the more accurate descriptor is, freakin' fascinating.  It's from 1982, so it's from right at the last gasp of the pre-Dinosaur Renaissance way of thinking, so there are more than a few unintentional mind-screws seen thirty-one years after the fact ("Plodding Dinosaurs"?)  So here for your enjoyment is Picture Palace Productions made-for-video documentary for children entitled "Dinosaurs: Fun, Fact, and Fantasy".

Either that, or it is a collective fever dream we're all having involving singing crocodiles, a "Pokerap" but with dinosaurs (from before the "Pokerap" was even a thing, no less), magic dragons, and other, weirder things.  I don't even...?

(Note, I initially watched this because I had it confused with a Ray Harryhausen documentary with a similar title, but isn't that our old friend Dougal Dixon in the credits?)


Sketch of the Day!  Inspired by an odd mechanic in a "Jurassic Park" game.

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Albertonykus said...

By chance I was given a link to this film lately on an occasion where I had time to view it. Bizarre indeed! At least it was informative for its time at some points, which is more than can be said for many supposedly educational shows these days.

Philacio said...

Im 29 years old and I remember watching this as a child and 25 years later it still holds up while also being educational and entertaining. True I'm bias due to nostalgia and to be honest I never thought I'd find this again so discovering it put me in quite the happy place because of its deep cuts. However, I think this film is perfect for kids and more than bare able for adults to watch and also enjoy. If you're a parent who can't take one more bad kids tv show with migraine inducing songs and catch phrases they request your child to yell back at the screen you will be pleased to know that you may actually enjoy this one and if you're like me you can relive your childhood while educating your son or daughter's.