Thursday, April 18, 2013

Icariid Species Sheet Sketch Montage

I recently finished one of the most downright enjoyable commissions I've ever had the pleasure to be assigned. Some time ago, Lucia Cochrane-Davis asked me to help her visualize her birdlike fantasy race, the Icariids. She gave me a wonderfully detailed description, and the creature design eventually wound up being a full-on species sheet. Here is a montage of the many sketches I drew during the process:

Montage of Sketches for the Icariid Species Sheet by ~babbletrish on deviantART

Looking back on these, it's mostly the facial design that got altered the most. Aside from that, I liked the woman in the lower-right ever since I first drew her and she's in the final version as well almost exactly as she appears here; I just needed to straighten out her tail feathers.

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