Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hills, Buses, and Pirates - My Very First Disney Cruise Part 4

Disney Magic NYC-Canada Cruise 2012

Apologies for the blurry picture (there was no getting closer to this sign as it was directly over the surface of the pool - where such a warning would be too late come to think of it) but such are the ways in which Disney recognizes Roger Rabbit now.

Our day in Halifax was not at all as relaxing as our day in St. John. You could call it a whirlwind tour, in fact, though maybe a rapidly-up-and-downhill tour would be more accurate. The "Halifax Highlights from Land and Sea" tour we took was highly recommended.  I personally didn't like it all that much, especially since the bus never stopped anywhere so we could get out and walk around/explore/take pictures/use the restrooms.  The boat just went up and down the harbor (nothing we couldn't see from the boardwalk) and the guide told almost exactly the same stories as the bus' guide. When all was said and done, we only had about an hour and a half to explore Halifax on our own!

The tour bus guide did tell us something very useful, and that was the fact that Halifax has a wonderful boardwalk with many nice little attractions along the way, and that the pathway would take us right back to the ship. So let's focus on the positive here. For example, Beavertails!

Disney Magic NYC-Canada Cruise 2012

Oh my actual God, Beavertails are incredible. I like fried dough, but sadly it doesn't like me. This was different. To call this wonderful treat "fried dough" is an insult. It's hard to describe; imagine a Krispy Kreme doughnut glazed with maple sugar but better. Tragically, the only places in the United States they appear to be available are all in Colorado for some reason. But if you are ever lucky enough to have the opportunity to try one, do it.

Disney Magic NYC-Canada Cruise 2012

Subtle, but this is another reason why Halifax is nice. Hell, even the Starling were nicer!

Disney Magic NYC-Canada Cruise 2012

Now when we got back on the boat, it was Pirate Night. What that meant, it turned out, was that piratey activities were going on all night, building up to the big epic deck party. As I mentioned before, this was a little less than as impressive than we'd been led to expect, but it did end with these cool fireworks shot off the boat:

Disney Magic NYC-Canada Cruise 2012

Now, as I was explaining the pirate deck party to a friend afterwards, she misheard me when I mentioned the part where Mickey ziplines down from one end of the boat to another and they shoot fireworks off the boat. After a bit of confused conversation, it turned out she was imagining something closer to this:

9.25.12 - Pirates in the Bay of Fundy

And perhaps this wondrous mental image, that had me on the floor, is as good a note to end on. Bon Voyage, Mickey, and may you and your beautiful boat have fair winds and following seas and King Triton being in a friendly type mood and all that.


Seascape of the Day!

Here's an impressionistic, and almost psychedelic, sunset:

9.17.12 Sketchbook Page

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