Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Salute to All Nations, but Mostly Links of Interest!

* - Well, first of all, Sciurumimus Sciurumimus Sciurumimus!!!

* - Witmer Lab made the Ghetie's Atlas of Avian Anatomy available as a big, giant PDF file!

* - Speaking of avian anatomy, I am suddenly in the market for a fairly expensive book.

* - Passport to Dreams wrote a very detailed history of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", its influence on Italian horror (!!!), and in particular the strange case of "Snow White's Scary Adventures".

* - Long-Forgotten also wrote about "Snow White's Scary Adventures" and its possible influences on the Haunted Mansion.

* - And while we are on the subject of "Snow White's Scary Adventures", here is a story that is at once deeply strange, utterly fascinating, and a genuine crowning moment of heartwarming.

* - If you need a drink after all those rides, Party Through the Parks recently redesigned sections of their website.

* - I recently discovered Tom Ruegger's blog "Cartooniacs".  Here, he shares the story of a not-too-well-thought-out promotion for "Animaniacs".

* - Tetrapod Zoology has just written a very long article on our old friend David Peters.

* - And speaking of TetZoo, after reading this, you will never think of "Turtle Power" the same way again...

* - Deep Sea News explains how the Cretaceous coastline impacts modern-day politics.

* - Muddy Colors shared some advice on creating a portfolio.

* - You can now watch every single episode of "Reading Rainbow" on YouTube.

* - Time for some weirdness.  This unsettling-in-a-way-that's-hard-to-put-into-words song poses a philosophical question that has never occurred to me.

* - Here's a fantastically animated short that shows how an oddly-named Pokemon move actually works (NSFW language).

* - io9 shared a list of genre films to watch out for in the coming years (including several animated films I had forgotten to list last weeks.)

* - And finally, here is a fine gallery of summery art!


Sketch of the Day!

Here's an older study of a young Bald Eagle:

Young Bald Eagle

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