Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ray Bradbury's 1977 "Man and His Spaceship Earth" Script

Ray Bradbury was a huge influence on the earliest version of Epcot Center.  It's well known that he collaborated on many of the attractions in the Future World section of the park.  That said, I had no idea that Bradbury's original vision for Spaceship Earth would have been... different.

Cory Doctrow recently posted the script to Bradbury's original version of Spaceship Earth and I have to say, of all the obscure Ray Bradbury things making the rounds after his passing, this one might be the Ray Bradburiest. Unfortunately the script is a PDF file, so get the most majestic music you have readily available queued up as you wait for it to load.  Then get ready to have your mind blown to smithereens.

In my humble opinion, "Let's bury ourselves like the Five Billion Year Locust and then burst forth with wings - to plan tomorrow's Noon!" beats the stuffing out of "If you had an easy time learning your ABC's, thank the Phoenicians!" every day.


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