Tuesday, June 19, 2012

An Announcement, RE: My Summer of Sequels

So I made a friend this morning.  I am guessing she is a Chaulionid, probably a female Fishfly (Chauliodes pectinicornis):


(Pictured here on fake corn.)

She and I got into a brief discussion about current events, and I asked her about an issue that was weighing heavy on my giant meaty chordate brain:

TRISH: "I don't know.  Do you think any of my readers will be terribly upset if I, like, DON'T watch all the Disney DTV sequels?  Because I have the first one in my hand and the full magnitude of what I may be subjecting myself to is just starting to hit me.  And every time I look at my Netflix queue...

My Summer of Sequels 1.0

"...I just get very, very depressed.  I don't think I can do this, but I hate blatantly not doing a project I said I was going to.  It's not like I seriously think anyone is honestly going to be disappointed and call me out on it, but it still feels wrong somehow.  What do you think?"


CHAULIONID: "... ... ...?"

TRISH:  "Yeah.  Yeah, you are absolutely right.  Be free, my little disproportionately large-winged friend!"

So after releasing the insect out the back window, I fired up my Netflix queue and made it more like this:

My Summer of Sequels 2.0

So My Summer of Sequels is still on - sort of; I'll just be reviewing the DTV Disney sequels that I am on pretty good authority are actually not-terrible and/or are at least interesting to talk about.

And then, on a whim, and double-checking release dates on Wikipedia, I did this:

Random 90's Animation Month!

I suddenly decided to watch as many 1990's animated features made by random studios mostly in the wake of "The Lion King". A surprising number of them are not yet available.  I will not be able to review "Balto", "Once Upon A Forest", or "Bebe's Kids".  Though on the plus side, I am spared the Filmation "Happily Ever After".  I finally have impetus to sit down and watch "Thief and The Cobbler: ReCobbled" and "Felidae" on YouTube (I hope).  And admit it, you AAAAaaall want to see me nerd rage over "We're Back".


Sketch of the Day!

Started a new one recently. Here's a study of a robin:

6.14.12 Sketchbook Page

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Craig Dylke said...

not We're Back... Why did you do that to yourself?!?

That is one of the top 10 causes of death in Dino fans.

My head hurts everytime I try and think of what that movie is about or how it got made. Good luck...