Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Aren’t you glad Aladdin told us about this?" - Let's Watch "Disneyland Paris: An Unforgettable Stay"!

This thing seems like an elaborate belated April Fool's Day joke - but it's not. I present it to you with apologies to Passport to Dreams Old and New, who found this, and Progress City, who already picked it apart mercilessly. If "Kraft Salutes the 10'th Anniversary of Walt Disney World" was the "Star Wars Holiday Special" of Disney, then this is assuredly "The Room" of Disney.

Mind you, this wasn't like the Disneyland Paris equivalent of Stacy/WDW Information Channel. This was a souvenir video people could buy in order to remember their trip. Or, rather, the very strange trip this one overdubbed family had, I guess.

Since this is a tad short, here's another Disney Theme Park thing that looks for all the world like an April Fool's Day joke. But there's no assurance from the article that it is. Still, really, Disney? Really?


Sketch of the Day!

What with Donald being such a major character in this video, here is some more fanart of him. This one as you can see is much weirder and is partially inspired by Donald, mostly inspired by our old friend Dale Russel:

3.10.12 - Sketch for a sculpture of a hypothetical Dinosauroid

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