Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Updates on "Dinosaur Rock" and Feederwatch

Great galloping gallamimids, look what I finally found:

"Dinosaur Rock" cover art

Right the heck out of nowhere, in a box of old videos.

The artist is Kenneth Smith and the painting dates from 1984. I stated in my review of the newer version of this album that the cover art for the original was "visual madness". Well, it's actually weirder than I remember. Here's a close-up of the above scan:

"Dinosaur Rock" cover art detail

The left-hand side of this painting is awesome on toast. The right-hand-side never even registered to me as a kid and now looks creepy.

Let's focus on the chap on the left, the Hadrosaurus from Hackensack. I am amazed that anyone ever imagined that this is what a
Hadrosaurus foulkii looked like. He's got more rolls on him than the entire cast of fictional species from The New Dinosaurs. He's got creepy vaguely-humanlike legs. And he is PLAYING A GUITAR MADE OUT OF A DEAD ANKYLOSAUR F*** YEAH!

It's too bad his audience is two kids in bathing suits and a shirtless-if-your-eyes-don't-register-the-collar adult man. Who casts three shadows. And I don't even know what's going on in the background.


I've recently acquired a brand-new bird feeder of a style very similar to the one I've been using the past few years. From Home Depot of all places. It's prompted me to experiment a bit with the feeder layout in the backyard and looks like this:


It's design is a little cutesy on the outside, but I like it. The Cardinal weathervane is actually the lock for the lid and the trap door is spring-loaded. It's in the spot right in the center where the older feeder usually goes.


The older feeder is over near the dogwood tree, just to see how that goes over. And yes, that's our Christmas tree protecting the garden from the... alarming lack of snow.


And in case you were wondering, the crazy little birdhouse has survived another week! I'm starting to wonder if the animals who would have eaten it by now are just utterly confused by it. I've since found out that there are seeds
inside the birdhouse. Mehtinks whoever designed this thing doesn't understand birds much.


Sketch of the Day!

Leftover weirdness from Christmas.

12.24.11 - Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Otters

With apologies to Henson, Hoban, et al and to Harman, Ising, et al. Now that my theory on My Little Pony genetics has been all-but-confirmed by the latest episode (I take it nobody wants to hear it), this is my new favorite crazy pop culture theory and now it's yours too.


Albertonykus said...

O_o Having only seen the newer cover art, that is freaky looking.

Tarchia said...

Oh no! The ankylosaur!