Monday, July 4, 2011

Have a Trippy Independance Day...

A very special quick holiday post, because this was too amazing not to share:

I feel like I have just been shown everything ever all at once.

This is "200 / Bi Centennial" by psychedelic animator Vincent Collins. I only know about it thanks to somebody on Facebook. It's been darn near impossible to find any more information about it other than:

* - It was commissioned by the United States Information Agency in 1976 to commemorate the upcoming Bicentennial (of course).

* - Vincent is one of the last notable MySpace holdouts. He's quite a character and all of his films are incredible.

A few more Links of Interest for the road since this post was so short:

* - Want. Want so hard. (Yes, I am a sucker for Dunkin' Donuts and slushy fruity drinks.)

* - The Onion AV Club has been reviewing every episode of "The Adventures of Pete and Pete" for a while now, but this entry caught my fancy because of it's opening. It's really hard to find more than very basic information about television shows from that weird period right before the internet took off; "(all) we’ve got (are) a couple of scanned articles, a cassingle that came in a cereal box, and some orange VHS tapes". Keep this in mind for something I'll be writing hopefully next week.

* - ArtEvolved has the Carboniferous Gallery up! (Sad news though: I'm still working on my piece. Fortunately it can be added later.)

* - Speaking of outsized creatures, here's an awesome compilation of every Ray Harryhausen movie:

* - A segment from another obscure Chuck Jones' holiday special, "Yankee Doodle Cricket":

* - And while this is a bit old, it's still adorable:


Art of the Day

The America Jacket - Detail

No matter what your location, have a great and safe holiday!

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raptor_044 said...

"A very special quick holiday post, because this was too amazing not to share:"

That's what I call a mind f*ck ( ).

P.S. I wasn't sure whether you're cool w/swearing here, hence why I censored my comment.