Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hummingbirds and Orioles are Back!

Last autumn and LAST last autumn, I had written about feeding hummingbirds. Since they've returned and are courting each-other by now, I figure some of the points I made back then need to be reiterated.  Once again, the formula is 3.5-4 cups of boiled water to one cup of pure cane sugar. Let the sugar dissolve in the hot water and set it aside to cool. DO NOT USE FOOD DYE!!!

I like to have a container prepared in advance. The feeder currently has a 3.5 cup of water mix but I'm going to fill the feeders with the 4 cup water mix next, just for the sake of experimenting.

A couple of Baltimore Orioles have been visiting the hummingbird feeders and their own nominal feeder as well. We started seeing just the adult male at first, so I put out a few slices of oranges to encourage him.

5.26.11 - Another look at our Strange Oriole

And then we started seeing this Oriole. I apologize for the blurry-as-hell through-the-kitchen-window photograph. I figure she/he is either a moulting young male or a female who looks a little ragged after diving in and out of her nest all day.

5.26.11 - Strange Oriole

Here's another look at her/him. If you know what I'm looking at here exactly, sound off in the comments please.


Sketch of the Day!

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