Thursday, May 12, 2011

Boston Comicon 2011 - Sketches and Free Stuff!


Now we all know what the best part of Comicon is don't we? Besides meeting other illustrators and making new friends I mean. That's right, all the fantastic freebies (and almost-freebies)!





Wow... I'd link to everyone referenced above but that'd take hours and hours. Everyone is listed at the Comicon website. Head on over there and show all the indie artists your support.


Comicon's also a great place to get some killer bargains. I got everything you see above for ten dollars. Really. Yes, even the giant
Bloom County Omnibus. I'm still reeling over that deal (of course, now I want them all).

I got a little caught up in the free giveaway atmosphere and decided, why not give away some free stuff of my own? So every kid who wanted one got a free thirty-second sketch. They pick the subject (this got interesting right quick). Here are a few of my favorites:

B.C.C. Free Sketch # 10

B.C.C. Free Sketch # 20

B.C.C. Free Sketch # 23

B.C.C. Free Sketch # 25

B.C.C. Free Sketch # 28

A couple of costumed characters stopped by too:

B.C.C. Free Sketch # 6 (and satisfied Jawa)

B.C.C. Free Sketch # 21 (and satisfied plumber)

I'd like to thank everyone for a wonderful experience at the convention! See you next year!


EDIT: Somehow, this post got eaten during Blogger's down time last night, though thankfully I was able to get it back up. Weird. Eerie.


raptor_044 said...

"Comicon's also a great place to get some killer bargains. I got everything you see above for ten dollars."

While you probably would've gotten "The Humongous Book of Dinosaurs" anyway, I like to think that I gave you the idea of doing so. I'm looking forward to your future blog post about it. Don't forget to look for all those classic paleoart rip-offs I told you about.

"A couple of costumed characters stopped by too:"

I have to admit, that 1st character creeped me out a bit (I think it's those big buggy eyes). BTW, is that an Eryops in his/her sketch?


Trish said...

Thanks for suggesting "Humongous". The post about it won't be for a while though; it's so huge and all over the place that I'm not sure how to approach it yet.

The kid's dressed as a Jawa from "A New Hope", so I drew him a variety of Tatooine wildlife.