Tuesday, May 17, 2011

And Then There Was That Time Goofy Adopted a Pet Puppy...

I am suffering a particularly nasty cold this week. It's making me tired all the time (when it isn't giving me insomnia) and I'm feeling pretty darn miserable.

So instead of a longer post where I whine about being sick, or try to form coherent thoughts about Disney movies or dinosaurs or whatever, I am going to share this old Disney animated short I rediscovered recently. In it, Goofy adopts a pet dog. (And not that this would make it better, but note that it is definitely Goofy and not his creepily even more anthropomorphic George Geef persona.)


Oh hey, what's this (aside from just slightly more content)?

(Yeah, it still looks like "Lost McAvatar - But they're in the Late Cretaceous!")


Sketch of the Day

I need some cuteness:

183 - A Library Bunny


raptor_044 said...

"In it, Goofy adopts a pet dog."

I never did get why (on shows like this, Arthur, etc) some dogs are anthropomorphic while others are not only regular, but pets of the anthropomorphic dogs. Anyway, hope you feel better soon.


Zach said...

I think they're taking the "Dinotopia" approach--tossing a bunch of dinosaurs from different places and times in one pot. Note that Brachiosaurus and Carnotaurus make appearances. According to Brian Switek, they're inserting a made-up raptor called "Acceleraptors" or some crap like that.