Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weird Super Mario Brothers Things Part One!

Nintendo, I am Disappoint...

Being the stars of a long-running multimedia cash cow franchise, it isn't surprising that Mario and Luigi have found themselves in some pretty odd things. So, as my much-belated tribute, her is a semi-random list of Weird Mario Brothers things. (These are not in any particular order, but I will save the top three for their own post.)

The Nintendo Cereal System

Now, granted, EVERYTHING around this time could get it's own cereal. EVERY THING. Most of these terrible tie-in cereals were made by Ralston/Purena, and they all tasted almost exactly the same: like mushy Trix. The Nintendo Cereal at least had a gimmick or two to differentiate from those other cereals: you got two cereals in one box. It also, as you can see, has one hella-trippy commercial. Because the early 90's, that's why.

"Mama Luigi"

The most infamous episode of the "Super Mario World" cartoon. Probably because it's really freakin' weird, even for a show that was already pretty weird. Things get insane by the 5:20 mark. I hope I'm not the only one who thought of this.

"Super Mario Brothers: The Movie"

Once upon a time, me and my fellow little innocuous 80's children caught wind that Disney was making a movie based off "Super Mario Brothers". We reacted just like Bart and Milhouse when they learned there was an upcoming
Radioactive Man movie. A Disney animated film about an unlikely hero out to save a princess; seemed absolutely perfect.

So that's why, when you watch this trailer, you can still almost hear a million little kid voices crying out, "What the f*** is this?!"

I am hoping the top three do not disappoint. See you Thursday.


Sketch of the Day! Oh, Yoshi, you irresponsible frog-lizard-horse-dragon-generic cute thing!

Touch Fuzzy...


MarioMario101 said...

Hey cool pictures! I have The Super Mario Bros. Movie and on my bros. blog he did Mama Luigi too. I've never heard of that cereal when did it come out? My blog www.mariomario101.blogspot.com

meg said...

I honestly believe you can't have enough mario in your life