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The New England Spring Flower Show 2011!

Well first off, yay Glendon!

Second off, it is well worth mentioning that I am a total dorky twelve-year-old over some recently released game about beating up bad guys dressed as knights with your magical creature friends (to the point where there's a surprisingly vocal part of me that is saying, "eff blogging! I wanna catch an electric spider-hamster NOW!!!")

I am so sick and tired of
being sick and tired. This head cold hit me like a falling anvil. I guess it's pretty obvious at this point that I didn't end up going to PAX; apparently I missed a hell of an event. I haven't even really had time to digest my trip to Disney World last week (it was just last week, right? Ow...) I promise I will have a trip report about that next week.

For now, let's talk spring.


SPRING!!! Holy cow, I thought it would never come! I knew I'd be ten times happier than normal when the first crocuses popped their pretty little reproductive organs up out of the soggy ground this year after that awful, awful winter.

I can't look at these without thinking of

The end of winter usually heralds the New England Spring Flower Show, a five-day event held by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society (though I'd argue that if it is at all practical, the middle of winter is when we really need the show). Historically, the event was held in the Bayside Expo Center but since the closing of that building, it is currently held at the Seaport World Trade Center. The show has been a bit downsized in it's new home, but it's good that they hold it at all. They skipped a year or two after the Bayside closed. Those were dark times.

Woodland garden

The Show is divided roughly into four main sections. Two marketplaces, a huge display floor with enormous installations filled with plants, and a smaller room with displays of flower arrangements and houseplants.


The giant installations are the stars of the show. They all seem to be in competition not for any of the official prizes, but for who can stuff the most plants in their one space.


Live animals tend to make a display more popular. This woodland garden was made in collaboration with the Audubon Society and, more specifically, the Blue Hills Trailside Museum in nearby Milton. A Museum employee had brought several small birds of prey to speak about, including this handsome Kestrel.


Water is also very popular in these beautiful displays. This particular garden went a little over-the-top with it's Koi pond, waterfall, and... Yoga.

So far, we've seen displays that are pretty typical for the Flower Show. This next one, front and center when we walked in, is... different.

Holy crap!

More holy crap!

Ye Gods...

The man who built this incredible sculpture (there's no way I could take a picture of the whole thing so what you're seeing are the highlights) was standing next to it proudly with a hat made of extra wool and seashells. He explained that everything in the display was collected from within ten miles of his house. To see this all in person was at once amazing, memorable, and kind of scary. I mean, there were live insects crawling among the wool and wrack -- and is that a dolphin skull?!

Gonna dress you up with my plants!

Here's something that's mind blowing in a subtler way. Take a closer look at that pretty dress...

All over all over!

It's made of plants! Some of the floral arrangements in the back room were really creative!

Tiny world

My favorite part of these flower arrangement displays as a child (and today really) are these... I'm going to call them Bonsai/Terrarium/Dollhouses. Tiny little scenes made with miniatures and dolls and tiny plants. There's something fascinating about these tiny little worlds; you feel like you've stumbled upon a portal to a magical land.

Aha, vindication!

I see that I sill have to split this into two posts, so I'll talk about the marketplace next time. Until then, yes, red Magnolia flowers exist. No, I don't know if they smell like Utahraptor pheromones. Yes, I can guarantee I was the only one who immediately thought of this.


Sketch of the Day!

Lets consider this a teaser for next week:

3.6.11 - View from the hotel

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