Thursday, March 24, 2011

Further Flower Show Goodies


The New England Spring Flower Show is justly celebrated for it's beautiful garden displays. Even so, the most fun part of the show is often the marketplace. Obviously, they sell plants and flowers and gardening supplies there. But there are also booths where it seems as though anything goes. Here are some highlights.

With bells on

This one took me a minute to "get", I'll admit.

I didn't know this was something I needed to worry about...

One of these books doesn't quite fit.

But why?

Fffft - hahahahaha!!!


Yes, those are giant lamps shaped like palm trees.

And what would a trip report be without an amusing sign?


Digging in my Photobucket albums revealed that I had some photographs from past Flower Shows too! I think these, as well as the first picture in this post, are from their first year at the Seaport:


Examples of the flower arrangement room.


A watery woodland garden.

Flower Show Opens at Trade Center from Chris Lovett on Vimeo.

And finally, a very brief look behind the scenes.


Keela Cleghorn recently alerted me to the lovely Sketchbook Month blog. There's a wide variety of artists participating and they've done some terrific work!


Sketch of the Day

Next week, I promise:

3.8.11 - View from the hotel

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