Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Jo-OY! An' Painting! / Are like-a SUN-SHI-INE! An' Rainting!!!"

What, you thought I was kidding?

6.4.10 - The Joy of Painting

So here's the first acrylic-on-canvas painting I've made in... I don't want to think how long. I won't feel sad if you all laugh at it. This is what happens when you follow along with "The Joy of Painting" using really old brushes, the wrong kinds of knives, and acrylics.
It's pretty obvious here that there are some serious differences between oils and acrylics. I wanted to go back into it again later on, maybe in a day or two, just so it wouldn't be so transparent.

Now a funny thing happened between me deciding this and this painting's ultimate fate: somebody closely related to me happened to see the painting.

This person (who wishes to remain anonymous) saw this painting and said she loved it and wanted it and could she give it away as a present please please please? I said, sure, but I need to work on it before I let anyone else see it. See, it didn't feel like anything I'd paint.

So, I went ahead and added in an Oviraptor.

6.4.10 - The Joy of Painting Oviraptors!

Because why the heck not? By the way, the people who now own this painting love it!


"Inception" is out this weekend, and we should all go see it. Because buying a ticket to this movie is an unspoken vote for creative, director-driven, non-sequel, non-spinoff, non-franchise movies in what has so far been a spectacular summer for astonishingly bad movies. My feelings are more eloquently expressed in this old Devin's Advocate article from (which, by a happy coincidence, involves another crazy-ass director-driven movie that just happened to be released by the Dubya-Bee; emphasis and visual bleeping mine):

"Know that you went out and voted with your ticket, that you sent a message to Warner Bros that you'd prefer them to keep taking chances, to keep trying new things, to not always be safe. Know that you sent a message to the studios that they don't have to make horrible movies... that you won't wait to see the interesting films at home. And if you don't go, I don't want to hear you complaining the next time there's a sh*tty remake or a sh*tty sequel or a sh*tty movie based on a sh*tty toyline or cartoon." - Devin Faraci

It should be said that "Inception" is one of only two, maybe three, movies I am 100% on board with this summer. I *just* got to see the first of these, so next week is Movie Week! Which will hopefully build to something very special for August...

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Zach said...

A group of friends are going to see Inception this weekend at the new IMAX theater. The cost, however, is ridiculous, and I will not be joining them. $18 for an IMAX ticket? Give me a break! I will be seeing "Predators" with them, though, which I'm more excited about anyway.