Saturday, July 10, 2010

Drawgasmic is Twelve Hours Away!

Literally, in my case, as it's in St. Louis Missouri and I am in Massachusetts and unable to attend in person. Which sucks, however the website sort of acts like a virtual gallery (my page is here). Also, there is a book coming out the same day, so there really is no excuse not to support the participating artists, like myself, in some way or other.

Here's information shamelessly swiped from their website:

"The Drawgasmic exhibition and book is an effort to expose, promote, and push forward the work of international independent artists, illustrators, and designers working today. We, as curators, are trying to create the sort of experience we feel is missing in the in the all to often pompous and institutionalized art world. An experience that combines the talent of hundreds of great artists with a mash-up of unique performances.

"We are excited to be able to document the entire collection in a quality, limited edition coffee table book. The book will exist as a historical marker of the unique styles and concepts being created by living and working artists of 2010. This book is being released in conjunction with the exhibition in July 2010.

"Located at 2720 Cherokee Street St. Louis MO 63118, 4 blocks west of Jefferson. From Highway 40 or 44, take Jefferson South to Cherokee Street and make a right. They are 4 blocks down on the left.

"2720 Cherokee is a place for music, art, shopping, events, parties, socializing, drinking, relaxing, learning, expressing and more. In addition to bringing you the work of so many amazing artists in the Drawgasmic Exhibition, we will also be filling the night with other unique artistic acts, bands, performers, and personalities. We're installing webcams and will be streaming the gallery live all night. We will also be airing a live video-cast for your viewing pleasure!

"Why the name 'Drawgasmic'? If you're an artist you'll understand the awesome feeling you get from creating new work and viewing inspiring art! That, my friend, is a drawgasm... So the name is pretty spot on... and hilarious sounding too"

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