Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bar none, hands-down, inarguably THE Weirdest Disney Thing.

Ever hear about that time in 1951 when Mickey and Goofy wanted to start up an amphetamine franchise in Africa in a cereal tie-in comic book?

(Cue the most awkward pause in the history of this blog.)

Well, it happened. And there isn't a AAAAAAAAHHH!!! big enough for it. io9 has the story and All That's Interesting has the complete comic in all it's astonishingly wrong glory.

And I'm not kidding on the "wrong' part: this comic has a little something to offend everybody. You're probably already bracing yourself after being forewarned that this is a Disney comic set in Africa (I've heard a lot of people exerting themselves lately in trying to argue that Walt Disney was not prejudiced at all, counter to the popular rumors. Thing is, evidence like this doesn't help.) But I should point out that the comic also starts right off with an exchange that is unspeakably baffling to my "Just say NO!" generation mind. It basically goes like this:

"Hey, Mickey! Look at this free bottle of medicine I just got!"
"Cool! Let's try some! Now, where's my spoon?"

I'm... just going to post this:

... ... ... what?

Incidentally, this isn't the first time you've ever seen that comic cover
is it? (It was possibly the only "safe" image I could use for this and even then...) Oh-ho-ho boy, are you in for a treat. Here's a summary. Once again, there isn't a AAAAAAAAHHH!!! big enough.


Meanwhile, someone tried to classify Big Bird. It's funnier than it sounds.


Meanwhile, congratulations (not really) are in order for M. Night Shamalyan for finally giving this generation it's "Judge Dread". Hate to say I told you so, but...


Sketch of the day

I don't even know. But I may have an opportunity to revisit this concept...

6.7.10. There Had Never Been Such a Herd Before sketch

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