Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"So Trish, what is the deal with your DeviantArt page?"

Glad you asked. I'm not feeling so good so this will be a quick post. Basically...

1) It is essentially going to be a "Greatest Hits" kind of thing. I've been going through the Photoshop files I have handily on my desktop, tweaking them and saving them at a 300 dpi resolution on my laptop (once you use Photoshop CS4 on a Mac, you can't voluntarily go back), and posting three at a time. Most of the selected pieces will also be available as prints, and on that note...

2) At least a third of the reason why I joined DeviantArt is to sell prints. There. I was honest.

3) But the other two-thirds of the reason I joined is to communicate with other artists. Artists who may never even have heard of Flickr or the Comic Artist Guild. To that end, I've spent a lot of my recent time at DA favoriting pieces and friending artists. And I have left nice comments with everyone.

4) I have no intention of making my DA Gallery into my main online portfolio. I love the hell out of Flickr. Of the two art-sharing websites, Flickr is ridiculously easier to use both for me as the art-sharer and you as the art-viewer. There have already been times when DA's art submission features have given me psychic nosebleeds. (Has Saphira randomly vanished *again*? WTF?) I could make a drinking game out of the times I've seen art collections fail to load properly, leaving me staring either at a bunch of broken graphics or nothing at all. And above all else, I know you could argue the same for any "anyone can add content" website, but I still maintain that Sturgeon's Law affects DeviantArt like nothing else on God's green Earth.

But even so, as I said before, it behooves me (whatever that means*) to join the most popular art-sharing site. You never know where you could make a lucrative connection.

* - "It behooves me" means, "it puts myself at a great advantage". Not, as one would naturally assume, "it turns me into an ungulate, somehow". Let it never be said that American English isn't needlessly confusing.
Sketch of the Day!!!
Drawn from observation, here's a little squirrel who likes tro live dangerously.
1.15.10 - Sketchbook page

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