Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Commercials that Ate Our Brains.

Mmmm... brains.

Hershey's Kisses "Bells"

Simple and sweet. I know it's Christmastime when I hear this song.

Fruity Pebbles "Seasons Greetings"

Anyone who watched Saturday morning commercials in the 1980s still has this song in their head. Still to be answered: why are the Flintstones celebrating Christmas?

Coca-Cola "Northern Lights"

I'd be remiss if I forgot this one (this being an arts/animation blog and all). This was one of the first really awesome pieces of CGI. Some of the later Coke Bears commercials are prettier, but the simplicity of the very first one still holds up.

McDonalds "Star Wish"

Now, there's obviously going to be another McD's commercial in this entry, but this is the one I remember more vividly. I like the animation on the star. Not shown: Grimace and Birdie suffering severe radiation burns after handling an extraterrestrial object.

McDonalds "Skating"

Is there some way we could digitally replace Ronald McDonald with Morgan Spurlock so I don't feel so torn on enjoying this?

Bonus: Waiterbot's over-analysis of "Skating":

And the Onion AV Club's fabulous essay on "A Christmas Story".

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