Monday, November 23, 2009

Operation Santa Drop!

Another feature rescued from LaGremlin Land, my GeoCities site, originally posted on 11/29/04.

Some cities have unusual ways to ring in the happy holiday season. Quincy, MA is no different. I am willing to bet that ours is one of the strangest Christmas tradition in the northeast, at least, if not the continental United States.
It is a windy Sunday morning on November 27, 2004. The sunlight glitters on the bay, the wind whistles through the reeds, and the air is fresh with the sent of crappy clay and goose guano.
Operation Santa Drop
Look! Santa and his friends have obviously all gathered in Pageant Field for some reason. And they wouldn’t festoon the field with “Caution” tape just for a meet-and-greet.
Operation Santa Drop
Seems Santa is of the “I ain’t goin’ out the door without a backpack” mentality too. Awesome. And now he and his elves are... just going to leave. Oh. Huh
“But, surely,” intones your humble narratress, who did remember, finally, to bring her wee digital camera in anticipation of such a thing that has never been seen before, “They shall be back if there are more and more people arriving here. What Christmas joy shall we bare witness to, I wonder?”
I was there and I don’t believe it. Let us watch from the cold, splintery bleacher shall we? Oh, crap, do you hear sirens?
Operation Santa Drop
Hooray, it isn’t The Man finally coming to take me away! It is, instead, something more frightening. Behold, children! The League of Extraordinarily Scary Costumed Characters!
Operation Santa Drop
All of your favorite classic cartoon characters are here! There’s Larry the Holiday Land-Shark! There’s Poopyhead the Christmas Pug! There’s Crassie and Bored the Magical Barely-Avoiding-a-Copyright-Infringement Dragons! There’s every child’s favorite, Watson T. Fookeedoo!
Operation Santa Drop
Actually, I got the above... entity’s autograph. He signed it “Cat”. That raises more questions than answers.
Oh, forget those losers. Here come Michael and Lisa Marie.
Operation Santa Drop Operation Santa Drop
Something puzzled me deeply. Surely, there was more to this party than having candy canes thrusted at you by fursuiters and listening to children and Muppets sing about Christmas over the speakers. Something was escaping me.
Operation Santa Drop
Oh, hey, a little airplane!
Operation Santa Drop
Oh, cool! It just dropped two little streamers into the air! You know, I read somewhere that streamers are often loosed from planes to determine how the wind is blowing for parachuters...
Oh, no zarking way...
Operation Santa Drop
He is coming. Oh yes.
Operation Santa Drop
He is here!!!
Operation Santa Drop
Hurrah for flying Santa! Hurrah for his elves! Hurrah for shoddy costumes! Hurrah for me living in a city that does this!!!
Happy Holidays to all!
Last week, I was working...
Another teaser!
Yes, these teasers are building up to something.

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