Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I took me weeks, but I drew a dragon.

I drew this dragon. Click for big:
111. Hungarian Horntail
And now, as a tribute to Bea Arthur, here is one of the strangest moments from one of the strangest artifacts of the late 70's:

I've just started in on "Pokemon Platinum", because I am a dweeb. I'm as far as Florama-Flowertown-Hippie Colony Town, having blitzed through everything prior in order to get my Secret Key. (Dear Nintendo, please keep sending nice things via Wi-Fi instead of making those of us whose local Toys "R" Us-ses have all closed down feel sad and angry at you. K Thnx.)
Anyone got any Sneasel and/or Trapinch eggs?


Zachary said...

Sadly, YES, I do have a Sneasel if you want it. It's a baby (lv. 1) so you can totally have it if you want. Don't think I have any Trapinch EGGS, but I might have a Trapinch.

I caught them all (literally) in Pokemon Pearl. Took six months and I burned out. When I recieved Platinum in the mail (to review), I shuddered. I imported my best creatures from Pearl (traded) to blow through the game as the level cap would allow, and beat the Elite 4 recently with my 3rd string Pearl team.

I have virtually NO desire to experience the new battle tower.

Trish said...

Don't worry about it, then. I'm asking for eggs because when a traded egg hatches, the newborn won't act all bitchy and "refuse to listen" like a traded Pokemon would (even if you receive it at a really low level.) Thanks anyway.
More importantly, combolations on catching 'em all!