Friday, January 23, 2009

A Reasonable (you'd hope) Proposal.

"Fun in the Backyard!" - Episode 30
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Drew this shortly after the Golden Globes (as usual, click the picture to see it big). Damn you, Animation Age Ghetto! Damn You!!! (Shakes her little fist.)
Really, why not have Brad Bird do the introduction? Or one of the Cartoon Brew bloggers? Now you can't tell me THAT wouldn't be entertaining as heck.

1.22.09 - Sketchbook Sample

Oh, hey it's Feederwatch Friday, isn't it? My little Carolina Wren buddy finally showed up, as I'd hoped. There was another random flock of robins; they as well as pigeons, gulls, and a couple of hawks were flying all over the neighborhood all week. And I caught a brief look at a House Finch. I used to see lots of them about five years ago but it seems their population in the northeast is dropping a bit. Best of all, all of this biodiversity happened on a Count Day!

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Zach said...

Maybe because Hollywood thinks that animated films are just for kids? And was there ever any doubt that Wall-E would win? Why even announce the other sad-sack nominees? You've got Dreamworks, and then Pixar.

I think it's gonna go to Pixar.