Monday, January 19, 2009

Further "Teen Titans" thoughts, DCAU movies, and a strange clip from Disney

When we last left off, I was near the end of "Teen Titans" and it was just then starting to get good.
I can confirm: the last season of this series is excellent and the rest of it is essentially skippable. (It depends on how long you can tolerate some very stylized characters shouting "Dude" and "Boo-yah" at each other. Or, if you're me, seeing Beast Boy turn into the exact same damn bird but having him be identified / sound like at least three different species. Yeah.)
All snark aside, the fifth season is absolutely worth renting. They have a lot of fun with some of the stranger DC characters, like the Doom Patrol, who otherwise may never have seen the light of day in animated form. However, it's frustrating to see a series have it's greatest moments in the last episodes. Where could they have gone from there?
Must be noted: I related way too closely to Raven in the "Hide and Seek" episode. Entertain yourself with the implications, dear readers.
One things for sure: Ain't gonna miss that theme song.

Turns out that I missed a few crossover episodes back in "Batman"/"Superman" (available only as something called "The Batman / Superman Movie" and not in either series' season sets. Maybe I'll complain about Warner Brother's inane DVD policies later. For now: durable boxes. Or how about not having three different security stickers on your cardboard boxes, huh?) They were fun.
And I also forgot "Mask of the Phantasm". Many have argued that this is the best "Batman" film prior to when Christopher Nolan got to play in the Bat-sandbox. I'm not sure about that but I thought it was at least as good as the first Tim Burton film.

And now for a fun little early '90's Disney thing:

Remember when they were shamelessly promoting Roger Rabbit? ("Who Discovered Roger Rabbit" is my "Chinese Democracy".)

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