Monday, January 12, 2009

Continuing the DC Animated Universe, and a bonus from another major comic publisher.

I left off in Autumn, so let me bring this up to speed.

Early Winter: "Justice League"
This series hit the ground running and stayed consistently terrific. As with "Batman Beyond" there was an excellent sense of continuity and each episode has little rewards for anyone familiar with all the characters. About the only downside -and it isn't even the show's fault- is that I liked this so much, I wanted to keep this project going for longer (normally, there would only be the two seasons of "Justice League Unlimited" left). So I decided to consider the next show part of the DCAU...

Winter: "Teen Titans"
...And I think I know why this usually isn't considered a DCAU series.
Now, to be fair, I'm not a ten year old boy. I'm not the target audience for this show -- but therein lies the rub. I remember watching "Batman" as a kid. I liked it then, and I liked it even more when I went back and watched it as an adult. Most of the best animated series ever made are the ones that purposefully do not go out of their way to appeal only to children. "Teen Titans" is one of the very few series based upon a DC comic that does, and by the end of each DVD I find myself exhausted.
I'm in the middle of the fourth season and just now the series is acting more mature (OK, there were some bright spots earlier, like the Terra arc... which lasted all of five episodes.) I know I'm being unfair here, so I'll talk more about this series when I'm done watching it.

Until then, here's ten gloriously funny minutes worth of "WTF?" from the frequently bizarre Fox Kids "X-Men" cartoon, from around the same era the DCAU hit it's stride:

Highlights include Wolverine being kind of a dick, Table Man, and a possible "Lion King" tribute at around the four minute mark.
Honestly, Table Man might be my new favorite "Hilarious Marvel Character" next to Beak and Squirrel Girl.

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